Looking to enhance your services and offer a comprehensive vending experience in Ireland? Our beverage and food vending machines are the perfect solution to expand your offerings. With these automated and self-service machines, there’s no need to hire additional staff as they operate 24/7. They are ideal for offices, companies, production factories, universities, public institutions, schools, clinics, and similar establishments. Wherever there’s a demand for round-the-clock supplies, our vending machines deliver.

By opting for vending machines, you can reduce costs while ensuring the convenience of both employees and customers. Our self-selling vending machines provide 24/7 access, allowing individuals to enjoy a meal or a hot drink at any time. Many of our clients choose to rent vending machines and other types of equipment, strategically placing them in high-traffic locations that are active 24/7.

Take your services to the next level with our versatile vending machines and satisfy your customers’ needs around the clock.


Our vending machines stocked with milk-based drinks and healthy snacks are the perfect solution. These products not only complement students’ diets but also provide a satisfying hunger fix during breaks. It’s worth noting that all the offerings in our vending machines meet the Ministry of Health’s requirements and are specifically tailored to benefit young people and schoolchildren. With this solution, teens and children can enjoy wholesome and delicious snacks without the need to visit a store.

Promoting healthy eating habits is crucial, and our vending machines play a significant role in facilitating this. By introducing students to high-quality and nourishing products at an early age, we help them develop a preference for nutritious choices. Additionally, our diligent service technicians ensure constant supervision and timely restocking of all products, guaranteeing a seamless experience.

Invest in the well-being of students and learners with our vending machines, offering them access to delicious and healthy snacks that align with Ministry of Health guidelines.

Healthy Options

At our vending services in Ireland, we prioritize the continuous expansion of our assortment of certified snacks and drinks. Opting for healthier choices? Our vending machines can be stocked with an extensive selection of nutritious options. Indulge in mineral waters, natural juices, freshly pressed juices, milk drinks, dried nuts, dried fruits, rice waffles, spelt biscuits, oat cookies, multi-grain bars, fruit bars, sandwiches, or fresh fruits to satisfy your cravings.

We understand the importance of offering a diverse range of fit products to cater to various dietary preferences. Whether you’re seeking refreshing beverages or wholesome snacks, our vending machines have you covered. Explore our wide array of certified options, perfect for those looking to make healthier choices on the go.



Our vending machines offer cashless transactions through bank cards, including popular micropayments. These convenient transactions eliminate the need for PIN code authorization, whether you prefer contactless payments or inserting the card into the reader. Our devices prioritize versatility, ensuring that you can pay in your preferred way.

Modernity is key, and our vending machines support various payment methods, including cashless options. You can confidently use the payment terminals in Quicksnack vending machines, as they adhere to the same high standards of safety as other card readers. These vending terminals undergo rigorous certification processes, just like traditional retail devices.

Experience hassle-free and secure payments with our vending machines in Ireland, accommodating your preferred payment method while maintaining the utmost safety and convenience.


At Quicksnack, we prioritize the future of our planet and strive to provide environmentally friendly vending solutions in Ireland. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the products and services we offer. Our vending machines are equipped with cutting-edge energy-saving and highly efficient cooling systems. Through advanced insulation and precise temperature management, our machines can save up to 30% of energy consumption.

By investing in our environmentally conscious vending machines, you contribute to reducing carbon footprint while enjoying top-quality products. We believe in the power of innovation and efficiency to protect our planet for future generations.

Choose Quicksnack vending machines for an eco-friendly vending experience that aligns with your sustainability goals. Together, we can make a positive impact on our future and create a greener world.

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