Quality is a key

Healthy food in schools is a necessary condition if we want to raise a generation aware of the impact of a balanced diet on the daily functioning of a human being. We come across the needs of schools and parents. Taking care of the health of the youngest, we follow the trend according to which children need to be taught how to eat healthy and how to avoid reaching for junk food. An excess of unhealthy snacks in the diet leads to obesity, behavioral disorders, and immune problems. By offering the young peoole only healthy and tasty snacks, the school signals that the students’ quality of life, health and well-being are of great importance to them.

Healthy Alternatives

We offer a wide range of healthy snacks and drinks. We are constantly expanding the family of certified snacks and drinks. If you chose fit products, the machine can be supplied with mineral waters, natural juices, natural pressed juices, fruit milk drinks, dried nuts and dried fruit, rice waffles, spelled biscuits, oat cookies, multi-grain bars, fruit bars, sandwiches.